Infertility is not uncommon these days. It is a very serious problem and health issues that many couple faces these days due to lifestyle changes, work conditions, food habits and many more.  

Here in this article, we will get to know about some common signs of infertility in women which might be the signals for you see a doctor.

Unable to conceive – The foremost and primary sign of infertility is the difficulty to conceive. If you’re not getting pregnant even after trying for an entire year or for a certain length of time, you might need to see a doctor. If you’re over 35 and not getting pregnant after 6 months of trying, you must see a doctor and get the fertility test done.

Experiencing pain during sex – If a female is experiencing pain during sex, it might be a sign of underlying health issue which is affecting female fertility. Such health issues might be any infections, fibroids etc. and sign towards having endometriosis which is major risk of infertility.

Heavy or Painful periods – There are females who experience very heavy flow during their periods along with painful cramps. This might be a sign of endometriosis in which tissues which is usually found in womb exist somewhere else in body. A few other symptoms of Endometriosis include Pelvic Pain (other than menstrual cycle), Frequent back pain, fatigue, feeling nauseated, irregular periods, bowel issues, dark or pale menstrual blood.

Color of Menstrual Blood – Menstrual Blood is generally bright red in color during the initial days of menstrual cycle and gets darker in the following days. If menstrual blood is passing very dark even in the beginning days, then it might be a matter of concern and a sign of endometriosis.

Irregular Periods – Menstrual cycle varies from individual to individual and may change over the time. Ovulation is not occurring regularly in females who experience irregular menstrual cycle, missed periods or heavy flow might sign towards infertility. Ovulation occurs when ovary releasing eggs from ovary and if releasing of egg is not occurring on time, which means you might face difficulty in conceiving

There are other factors that affects the fertility in women are the damage or blockage in the fallopian tubes or ovaries, early menopause, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis and any existing health issues and treatments such as cancer. It is recommend to see you doctor.


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