Why do I need the Egg Donor and Process of it?

The most common problem seen in modern generation couples is the lack of fertility which causes trouble in pregnancy. The problem like a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy through normal sexual reproduction is often found. In such scenarios, fertilization techniques such as In-vitro fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination, and egg donation come into play.

These techniques have been scientifically proven to help achieve pregnancy in case a couple is unable to achieve it naturally. These techniques are so effective that women even at the age of 40 can get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby successfully by opting for a correct egg donor and through the process of IVF.

Who is likely to go for the IVF procedure?

With the increasing age, the eggs that are naturally produced by a normal woman start decreasing by numbers and also the few that are still present lack quality and fertility factors. A woman with an age range of 35 and above having plans of achieving pregnancy is ideal to opt for an egg donor. Women who have failed in achieving pregnancy even after several attempts or the ones who have gone through many IVF cycles are likely to go for this procedure. IVF combined with a proper egg donor can also give successful results in case of a woman sustaining some serious medical or genetic condition.

Details about the procedure

In this process, a fertile donor is chosen who is medically fit to donate her eggs. The Oocytes of the donor are utilized in the process and are transferred to the woman who has the desire to achieve pregnancy. The donor has to pass through many screening before being eligible to donate and after which she is given medications to increase her count of eggs. These eggs are then collected and thereafter fertilized in the laboratory with the sperms of the woman’s (patient) partner or husband.

The embryo thus formed is then transferred to the woman’s (patient) uterus. Also, some extra embryos are created and kept frozen so that they can be utilized in case of further attempts. It is also attempted to match the donor’s physical characteristics with that of the patient. The success rate of IVF combined with egg donation techniques is very high and even women in their late 40’s can achieve pregnancy successfully.

Positive results all around

Although the results are very positive, the decision to opt for fertility treatment to achieve pregnancy is not an easy one and requires huge mental strength. The decision also requires expert guidance from a specialist doctor to know in detail about the challenges in the process and the success rates. The Test Tube Baby Centre in India has a good number of specialist doctors who successfully guide a woman (patient) towards achieving pregnancy using an egg donor along with IVF.

So, no more worries even if you are late to think about starting a family. With these successful techniques available and with the proper guidance of the specialist doctors you can too have the heavenly feeling of being a mother and carrying your baby in your womb.


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