HYMENOPLASTY- Hymen Repair or Reconstruct

Virginity is considered as a treasure in the modern world and with that, Hymenoplasty procedures are common in India and worldwide. Hymenoplasty is also referred to as Hymen repair/restoration, Hymenorrhaphy, Virginity repair, or a Virginity restoration surgery.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical restoration of a Hymen. A hymen is a thin membrane made of mucosa at the junction of the vulva and the vaginal canal with a central aperture that is always eccentric for the passage of menstrual blood.

The hymen can get ruptured by many factors such as;

  • Rape
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Vigorous exercises
  • Trauma

Traumatic hymen rapture is associated with immense trauma and tear in the vaginal area extending to the hymen. The deep position and elastic property of the hymen protect it from trauma and rupture in normal life.

Since some cultural and religious beliefs require a woman to be a virgin on her wedding day, Hymenoplasty procedures are the only solution to avoid the social stigma and shame attributed to the loss of virginity while unmarried.

Any regain virginity procedure is a gynecology concern, but some plastic and cosmetic doctors currently provide the same services to females.

Fat grafting is considered for the vaginal lips and tightening of the vaginal canal along with the actual hymen repair.

    Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Procedure

    The hymen reconstruction procedure is normally performed under local anesthesia by our well trained and experienced surgeon and takes a period of 40 minutes or more according to individual requirement. Each surgery depends on individual concerns and the extent of the damage.

    During the surgery, the surgeon may stitch the remaining parts of the hymen or create a new hymen. Some surgeries will also require fat grafting of the vaginal lips and tightening of the vaginal canal

    After the procedure, you will be required to stay at the hospital for a few days or you may be discharged right away. A patient is expected to return to the hospital to confirm the extent of healing and check for any infection.

    The new hymen will function like the natural hymen and will shed blood during sexual intercourse on your wedding night.

    Types of Hymen Reconstruction Procedures

    The hymen reconstruction procedures have two major approaches, one requiring the hymen restoration alone while the other requires additional reconstruction procedures (labia & vaginal canal).

    The Simple Hymen Reconstruction Procedure

    In this procedure, the surgeon will stitch the remaining parts of the hymen. The sutures will dissolve within 3 weeks. Our surgical approach increases the surface area of contact between the hymen flaps and the layered Hymenoplasty and there is effective healing.

    This procedure results in a natural hymen and through the microsurgical technique, the sutures are undetectable.

    The Complete Hymen Reconstruction procedure

    In this procedure, the hymen and other parts of the vaginal area are renewed. This procedure is conducted in case the vaginal lips have lost their fullness and become flat due to repeated sexual intercourse. In addition, the smaller and inner vaginal lips or labia minora become large and protrude.

    Fat grafting is considered for the vaginal lips and tightening of the vaginal canal along with the actual hymen repair.

    Hymenoplasty Surgery Cost

    Hymenoplasty procedures at Rana Hospital are cost-effective and your Hymenoplasty cost mainly depends on the type of surgery suitable for you. Normally, the Hymenoplasty cost ranges from Rs. 36, 000 to Rs. 50, 000. Our techniques are worth every penny spent, with effective postoperative treatment

    Why is Hymenoplasty Conducted?

    • To restore virginity
    • To tighten the vagina
    • To enjoy sex like the first time
    • Women who have once given birth can opt for the procedure to
    • To feel young again
    • Victims of rape/sexual assault can be helped
    • Cultural requirements

    Hymenoplasty FAQs   

    Just like any other surgery, the possibilities of bleeding, scarring, changes in sensation, and infection are possible. However, our extremely experienced surgeon has various ways of proving a suitable postoperative treatment approach to prevent all risks and complications

    This basically depends on the individual. Some females undergo the procedure a month to their wedding while others can undergo the procedure as soon as they lose their virginity. Candidates are aged from 20 years.

    Hymenoplasty is commonly performed to regain virginity. Due to its efficacy and necessity, the procedure is legal in various countries including India. You shouldn’t bear the burden of virginity loss due to rape or undesired circumstances when Hymenoplasty is professionally conducted

    Obviously yes. Any Hymenoplasty procedure conducted at Rana hospital is considered a private issue between the doctor and the patient. Your details are never disclosed to any individual


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