Effective Ovulation Induction at Rana Hospital

Anovulation is a common problem in reproductive women and it automatically leads to Infertility (inability to conceive naturally). At Rana Hospital, Anovulation is effectively corrected with fertility drugs, nutritional supplements and above all a gynecologist frequent observation. The process is known as Ovulation Induction.

Anovulation & Ovulation Induction
Anovulation is described as a woman’s inability to develop and produce mature eggs in the ovaries. With the help of a fertility expert, Ovulation Induction is a system where fertility drugs are administered to stimulate one or more mature follicles to produce quality eggs.

Despite the fact that a woman gets menstrual periods, there may be no viable eggs produced due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and with Ovulation Induction, a woman will produce the required eggs to produce naturally. Cases, where more mature follicles are stimulated is known as Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation and this applies in cases where In Vitro Fertilization is required.

Medications used for Ovulation Induction
Clomid (Serophene, Clomiphene Citrate) and Gonadotropins (Injectable with FSH hormone) are the most common fertility drugs used, but there are more used by fertility experts. Further Explanation;

It is an oral fertility drug taken 3-7 days or 5-9 of the menstrual cycle. This is usually the main drug used and in case there are no results, the below drugs are used

Gonadotropins are injectable fertility drugs that consist of FSH hormone responsible for producing mature eggs in the ovaries. Gonadotropins injections are normally begun earlier before the menstruation period (14 days). With an Ultrasound, the follicles are observed to know the availability of the eggs.

Metformin Medication
It is usually recommended for women with PCOS to regulate the amount of sugars (glucose) in the body. Exercises and dietary changes are also recommended

Femara (Letrozole)
Though sometimes used to treat breast cancer, the drugs are also used to treat anovulation in women with mainly unexplained infertility

Ovulation disorder (anovulation) due to elevated levels of Pituitary hormone Prolactin is normally treated with Bromocriptine. Normally women in this category experience no periods

Success Rate of Pregnancy after Ovulation Induction
The Gynecologist administers an ovulation Induction treatment depending on the woman’s age and cause of infertility. Normally, the success rate depends on the type of treatment used and the type of infertility being treated.
Clomid is mostly the suitable fertility drug used, but cases where other factors are experienced, other treatments are considered to bring about pregnancy or eggs for IVF treatment

    Ovulation Induction at Rana Hospital

    We at Rana Fertility Centre offer multitude of solutions for varied types of infertility problems. Our primary objective is to serve the patients with quality care and treatment after understanding their concerns and analysing treatment options. Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur at Rana Hospital is Chief Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist with extensive experience in treating patients from India and abroad. At Rana Hospital, we offer you one-stop solution for all infertility problems.

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