IVF Pregnancy Vs Natural Pregnancy – Is There a Difference

Patients who have undergone IVF and had success may be curious about the outcomes of an IVF pregnancy. Some women worry that the differences between the assisted reproductive technology (ART) method and the “natural” conception will persist throughout the pregnancy. For the vast majority of women, the answer is no; during the initial stages of […]

6 Tips For The 2-week Wait Following The Embryo Transfer

The IVF process is like an emotional roller coaster, full of highs and lows of hope and despair. It is not easy to learn about IVF, prepare physically and emotionally for treatment, and go through emotional ups and downs during treatment. The wait will be worth it since you will experience life’s greatest satisfaction. After […]

A Miscarriage: What To Expect Next

If you recently miscarried, knowing that miscarriage is common may not help. Post-miscarriage emotions often surprise women. Shock, sadness, extreme guilt, and fear of future pregnancies may occur. Loss and inadequacy affect everyone. It’s acceptable to feel that way, especially if they don’t know how to console their partner. A miscarriage might take time to […]

The Menopause Process, Sign & Stages

Once a woman reaches menopause, her menstrual cycles and ability to bear children are over. When this happens: Your ovaries are not producing fertility hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. You have gone a whole year without ovulation. Menopause is a normal process associated with ageing. Surgery, medical treatments, and illnesses are other potential causes. Depending on […]

How To Treat Ovarian Cysts?

Numerous gynaecological problems exist. Ovarian cysts are one of the multiple conditions. Ovarian cysts include semisolid materials that grow inside the ovary. The symptoms of ovarian cysts often resolve on their own, without the need for medical intervention. On the other hand, you should probably see a doctor if the cysts are causing any problems […]

Sperm Motility: How it Affects Natural Conception

Sperm that show low motility or are immobile are unable to reach the egg to fertilize it. This is why sperm motility is a key parameter of sperm quality to achieve a natural pregnancy. Sperm movement is analyzed by the spermatozoa and is considered impaired when the number of progressively motile sperm is less than […]

Ovulation Induction Can Help in Achieving One’s Parenthood Dream

To release eggs and potentially become pregnant, ovulation induction can be performed on women who are not ovulating naturally. Up to 80% of anovulatory, not ovulating women, depending on the cause of the lack of ovulation, can become pregnant with the help of ovulation induction. Why Is Ovulation Induction Used? Ovulation induction therapy is an […]

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