All about Genital Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that has plagued mankind for a really long time. Initially, it was a deadly disease that took many lives, male and female alike, but with recent advances in diagnosis and treatment, the fatality of it is fairly reduced. There are quite a few potent drugs in the market to fight […]

Delivered a talk at Ferticon 2019 at Chandigarh Today

Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur was invited for delivering a talk at 3rd Annual Conference Ferticon 2019 held on 14 July in Chandigarh. The conference was organized by Dr. Rimmy Singla from Ivy Test Tube Baby Centre and Singla Mediclinic in association with MOHOGS and Chandigarh Chapter ISAR. Several Gynaecologists from different cities participated in it to […]

Myths Facts about Artificial Reproductive Treatment (IVF)

Artificial Reproductive Treatment (ART), also known as In-vitro Fertilization(IVF) is a very familiar term and widely used phenomenon nowadays. Due to the fast life that the modern world is leading with a high amount of fast food and alcohol intake, the youths, as well as the matured, are losing their sexual fertility quotient leading to […]

PCOS – Diet & Exercise

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a very common disease in women caused due to hormonal disorders. The symptoms are irregular menstrual cycles, excessive weight gain, and sleeplessness. The hormonal disorders and insulin resistance make the conditions worse for women and they find it very difficult to reduce those extra pounds. However, a healthy diet […]

Things You Need To Know Before An IVF Cycle

The failure of conceiving, even when you are constantly trying for pregnancy, is termed as infertility. After finding the reasons for your infertility, you have to fix yourself to start the IVF treatment. It may look exciting at first but the process includes a series of ultrasounds, injections; blood tests which can make you feel […]

Baby Boy After 32 Years of Infertility

Life has suddenly turned meaningful and beautiful for 50 yr old Hardev Kaur as she has been blessed with a baby boy with IVF after struggling with infertility for 32 years. The couple was totally unaware of power of the latest medical technology of IVF and were into home remedies to cope with infertility. As […]

To know about Early Pregnancy Symptoms in Women

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Each woman has a different experience in their pregnancy. Even the symptoms vary from one woman to another. There are several early symptoms of pregnancy that many women overlook. So here is a good description of all the symptoms that can indicate that […]

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