Understanding Genital TB: Symptoms, Tests, and Treatment

When we talk about reproductive health, we often forget about one important issue: genital tuberculosis (TB). You might know TB as a lung disease, but it can also affect other parts of the body, like the reproductive system, which can cause fertility problems. At Rana IVF Center, led by Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur, they’re experts at […]

Understanding Menopause: Insights from Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur

As women approach their 40s, many embark on a profound journey known as menopause. This natural transition, marked by the cessation of menstrual periods, brings about a myriad of physical and emotional changes. To shed light on this transformative phase, Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur Rana, a distinguished Gynecologist and IVF specialist at RANA IVF Centre and […]

Ovarian Cancer Treatment – Fertility Issues and Preservation: Looking Forward to the Future

Ovarian cancer is a formidable foe, affecting thousands of women worldwide each year. While advancements in treatment have improved survival rates, the battle against this disease often comes at a cost. One significant concern for many young women facing ovarian cancer is the impact of treatment on their fertility. As medical science continues to evolve, […]

Fertility Self-Care Tips During IVF Treatment

Gone are those days when the couple had to remain childless or adopt a child when human efforts failed to get their biological child. With the advancement of technology, science came with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a ray of hope for women to have their children from their eggs. However, IVF could prove to be […]

Things to Check Out When Selecting a Fertility Care

All couples love the wonderful experience of having a baby, but not all couples manage to get pregnant naturally. The next step for people trying to get pregnant is to contact a fertility specialist and choose fertility treatments. This presents the challenge of choosing the ideal fertility clinic like Rana IVF Hospital. Understanding the criteria […]

A Miscarriage: What To Expect Next

If you recently miscarried, knowing that miscarriage is common may not help. Post-miscarriage emotions often surprise women. Shock, sadness, extreme guilt, and fear of future pregnancies may occur. Loss and inadequacy affect everyone. It’s acceptable to feel that way, especially if they don’t know how to console their partner. A miscarriage might take time to […]

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