5 Myths about Surrogacy

The desiring couples often have lots of questions regarding the surrogacy process. A lot is said about it, which is not completely true. Here is the truth behind surrogacy, which you may not know.

Only stars can afford it –  The average fee for Surrogacy is $30-45K Worldwide and the loans are available for it.

Myth 1

It’s very uncommon – Thousand of Babies are Born Via Surrogates to all kinds of Mother Yearly. With 1 in Every 8 Women Facing Fertility Issues that will only rise.

Myth 2

Surrogacy leads to multiples – IVF Often Led to multiples in the past but technology has changed. Doctors also recommend against multiple embryo transfers today.

Myth 3

Surrogates are the Baby’s Biological Mother – This isn’t true: Embryos are made from egg and sperm before Implantation.

Myth 4

Surrogates just want money – Surrogates just want to help and only 1% of those who apply, pass screening.

Myth 5


Source: msn.com

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