A Miracle Inside Your Womb, Happy Motherhood!

Motherhood is a lifetime experience that every woman would love to get. Though the feeling to enter into the new phase of life is fascinating and quite exhilarating too, but the time period an expecting mother spend keeping the baby in womb for nine months involves lots of changes physically and mentally too.

To make the entire period of pregnancy more fascinating and tension free, it is suggestible to get in touch with the doctor after conceiving to get advice and better care so that a mother can enjoy this time period.

On an individual level, it becomes important to understand the every stage involves in this fascinating period. Here we will learn about the monthly stages and the changes that occur in foetus development over the period of pregnancy.

The entire pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters, consisting of three months each. The changes that comes in each of these trimester are:

First Trimester: This is the time period when the organs of the foetus starts developing.

  • 01st Month – In this month, women get to know about their pregnancy realising that their periods stopped. At this month, baby remains as a blob cells with 01 cm in length and organs like lungs, brain, arms, legs and heart starts developing.
  • 02nd Month – The baby get grown to 2cm and heart start beating. This is the time when genitals, eyes, bones, ankles formation get started.
  • 03rd Month – As the mother enter in the third month, baby gets developed around 7-8cm long and start moving, however mother can’t feel it yet. Major organs started to develop and it started forming human face.

Second trimester: By this time period, baby starts doing activities and mother starts feeling the baby move.

  • 04th Month – Baby starts moving, swallowing, urinating and the mother can feel the baby’s movements. Length of baby gets around 13cm long and its fingernails, toes started developing.
  • 05th month – Entering into 05th month, baby get grown to 20cm and starts sucking its thumb. Babies develop regular sleeping patterns.
  • 06th month – By reaching this month, baby get grown to 30 cm and becomes quite active. An expecting mother will definitely start feeling the baby’s move.

Third trimester: This time period is a little as major development in baby gets completed and due to this expecting mother feels bit uncomfortable in her routine work.

  • 07th month – Baby get grown to 35cm. It starts kicking and stretching a lot. Baby starts responding to sounds and can open or close its hand and eyes.
  • 08th month – By this time, baby get grown up to 45 cm and all the major development gets completed and baby get almost double in weight.
  • 09th month – By this month, baby weigh somewhere between 2.5 to 4 kg and can turn upside down with its head towards the pelvic region and ready to come out!

Happy motherhood!

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