An Insight into Tubal or Ectopic Pregnancies

Are you planning to bring a new member to your family? Bringing a child into the world has many worries for every new parent right from the moment they plan to have a baby. There several issues that stands in the way of getting pregnant right away. Many couples tend to suffer from infertility problems and other health issues. The health of the baby is another essential aspect that worries new parents. 

Tubal or Ectopic PregnancyWhat is tubal pregnancy?

The moment a woman gets pregnant, the body carries the fertilized egg that will eventually grow into a baby into the uterus. When the fertilized egg enters into the uterus, its implants itself lining of the uterus, the egg will spend the next 40 weeks in this place and will eventually grow and develop into a fetus till the woman gives birth. In patients suffering from ectopic pregnancies, the fertilized egg cannot move through the fallopian tube and remains struck inside it and fail to survive.

Causes of tubal pregnancy

It is quite challenging to understand the cause of tubal pregnancy; there are only a few probable causes known till now. Typical symptoms that are seen in a woman when she gets pregnant will not be enough to understand whether the pregnancy is ectopic.

Over time as the pregnancy advances, bleeding can be observed in some cases. Moreover, pain is found in the pelvic area when the fallopian tube ruptures and leaks. One might feel a sudden urge to empty bowel even if they don’t require doing it. Some experience pain in the shoulder area if the fallopian tube gets damaged. Other symptoms of ecotopic pregnancy  include lightheadedness, fainting, and shock.

How can tubal pregnancies be prevented?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for tubal pregnancies, when the fertilized egg fails to make its way down to the uterus; there is no other way of saving the pregnancy. Doctors typically perform a test on the patient to diagnose whether the pregnancy is tubal. If the results are positive, a drug is injected into the patient’s body to stop the growth of the egg. If it is detected in a more advanced stage, then laparoscopic surgery is performed to remove the egg from the fallopian tube. 

There are a few ways that can be used to prevent tubal pregnancy. One of the common ways of preventing this type of pregnancy is by having safe sex practices. Keeping a check number of sexual partners and using proper protection followed by check-ups at regular intervals can prevent such kinds of unfortunate events. Often sexually transmitted diseases cause pelvic inflammation, which leads to tubal pregnancy.

Patients who have had already suffered from this type of pregnancy should consult the doctor before conceiving again. Doctors evaluate the physical state of the patient and ensure that everything is in the right state so that it will be able to deal with another pregnancy. It is always better to have medical advice before conceiving or else it will damage the body and cause critical issues related to abnormal pregnancies.


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