Available Treatments For Infertility In India

Infertility is a significant problem that has plagued India and also all over the world these days. Couples are unable to conceive a child due to any pathology related to the reproductive system in either male or female or both. Infertility can be a cause of significant psychological issues among people and even can wreak havoc in one’s life. Both men and women are afflicted by it, though the female ratio is a little larger. The problem can lie anywhere, from the conception to the delivery of the baby. It can also be due to abnormal sperm in males or ova in females. Understanding the problems associated with infertility is very important so that appropriate treatment can be advocated for it. With the advancement of medical science, infertility has become almost completely treatable nowadays.

Gynecologists and embryologists work hand in hand to bypass any issues and ensure that you are blessed with a healthy child. If you look at all the major cities in India, most of them have several infertility centers. For exampletest tube centers in Punjab are an increasingly common finding, with metropolitan cities leading the race comfortably in terms of centers. A few of the available treatments in India have been discussed below :-

In-vitro fertilization– it is one of the most common treatments for infertility in India. When the ovum is unable to be fertilized by the sperm, this method is advocated. In this procedure, the ova is extracted from the female reproductive organ, the ovaries and fertilized with the sperm artificially outside the body. Once the zygote is formed, it is re-implanted back into the uterus of the female, and normal pregnancy commences. Since the whole process takes place in an appropriate medium with a vessel that resembles a test-tube, it is sometimes known as a test tube baby. IVF in Punjab is one of the most commonly practiced treatments for infertility over there.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection– in case IVF fails; this is an alternate method that is generally followed. Anomalies related to the sperm like a low count can be addressed by it. Potent sperm is directed extracted from the testis itself, using surgical techniques, in case it is not possible from the seminal fluid. It is a relatively simple technique if surgical intervention is not required.

Microepididymal sperm injection– any problems associated with the vessels of a male, responsible for transportation of sperm for ejaculation can be dealt with using the MESA method. In this technique, a proper incision is made in the scrotum to expose the testis and epididymis. Aspiration of the sperm is carried out after checking it for potency. The best results are obtained by this method.

Ovarian drilling– PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common problem that is related to an irregularity of egg released by the ovary. By conducting surgical methods, proper stimulation is given for the same.

Infertility is not a major problem these days, and it is not as debilitating as before. Consider the various available options and pick out the best for you and your partner.

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