Can embryo fall out of the uterus after its transfer?

IVF is a complicated treatment whereby the embryos are implanted inside the patient’s uterus. After the implantation is done, it takes two weeks wait period to know if the procedure has succeeded or not. Since, the embryos are implanted into the uterus through cervix with the help of a transfer catheter; the most common fear among most of the couples is that the embryos might fall out of the uterus after they are transferred.

The fear might be so great that the IVF couples perceive normal activities like standing, sneezing, coughing, walking, peeing or sexual intercourse as sinful. It is absolutely normal for a woman to think that by doing these activities; the embryos can come out from the same route from where they were implanted. However, if you understand the process deeply, you will know that these doubts are baseless. To get out of this fear, it is important for you to understand the complete process and what happens after the embryo is transferred.

Can An Embryo Fall Out After TransferThe uterus is a muscular organ that stays contracted and tight naturally. Though, the inside area of the uterus is called cavity, but it is not empty as its name signifies. When transferred, the embryo does not get any empty space inside to float or roll freely. For a successful IVF, what all doctors require is a thick uterine lining of yours so that the walls touch in the middle before transfer is done. Hence, the sticky endometrial lining leaves no space. When the embryo is transferred, the muscle contracts and the embryo which is placed between the uterine walls, gets secured and buried deep under the thick lining. From there, it starts growing.

A healthy embryo, once implanted into the endometrial lining, cannot dislodge because of any external physical activity like jumping, running or walking. Even, bed rest is not necessary after the embryo is being transferred. It is only suggested to help you relax and let the embryo get buried into the endometrial lining deeply. There is no harm in getting out of the bed, stretching your legs or using washroom. Laying on bed whole day will only make you emotionally stressed out and physically uncomfortable.

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It has also been proven that sexual intercourse is no reason for an embryo to fall out. During orgasm, there are uterine contractions but they are controlled by the hormone called progesterone. Hence, the embryo cannot be dislodged.

Therefore, it is important to understand that the fate of a transferred embryo is not dependent upon these physical activities and there are hardly any reasons to be scared that the embryo may fall out. Hence, the woman should not blame herself if IVF cycle fails because it has nothing to do with the bed rest or embryo having a free fall.

At Rana IVF Centre in Ludhiana, the patients are thoroughly explained and guided about the procedure and precautions they need to take after the procedure is done. The experts provide deep evaluation of the infertility issue and offer diverse treatments for it.

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