Causes and Treatment of Azoospermia

Azoospermia, commonly referred as no sperm count, is basically a problem that is found in men which makes them infertile. It is very rare and found in 2-3% the male population. Sperm is combined with the other fluids of the body which released by the body parts and form a fluid called semen. Sperm should be present in the semen liquid for reproduction.

This is one of the problems that is faced by a couple if they want to have a baby because due to the lack amount of sperm present in the semen, the egg is unable to fertilize due to which woman does not get pregnant. But as someone said that for every problem there is a solution. In order to solve the problem a semen analysis process takes place by which sperm amount is calculated and if the amount is less than the sperm is taken from the testicles because sperm is produced in the testicles and some amount of sperm left in the testicles during the ejaculation. So in order to make an egg fertilize, sperm can be taken from the testicles this technique known as TESA (Treatment of Azoospermia).

Every problem has some causes due to which it can occur. Here we will discuss some of the causes of Azoospermia.

  1. One of the causes is that due to blockage in the genital tract, sperm is unable to come during ejaculation which leads to azoospermia. Though sperm is produced in the testicles but, because some blockage, it doesn’t come in ejaculation. This can happen due to surgeries, infections or genetic factors.
  2. When there is no sperm production in the testicles only, then azoospermia occurs. This happens because of drugs, smoking, enlarged veins, cancer treatment, genetic mutation or Y chromosome deletion.
  3. If someone is suffering from cancer and in order to cure that he or she is getting chemotherapy sessions so as we know these techniques are harmful to the body which can reduce the sperm production in the body.

As we have now gone through the causes of the azoospermia and there are so many treatments available for the cure of this problem. Though treatments will vary accordingly with the causes because there can be many causes behind the low sperm count.

First of all, doctors use high power microscope to scan the reproductive part properly and try to find the amount of the sperm so that they can proceed with IVF or sperm can be taken from donor and IUI also can be used in such condition.

If the person is suffering from the nerve blockage then a surgery is done in order to cure the problem or sperm is collected from the testicles. If the person is having lifestyle issues or hormonal problems then by giving proper medication, it can be cured.

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