Egg Freezing: A Detailed Study

Advanced technology is capable of helping women to be pregnant in the future. Egg freezing is the most successful process and advanced science that experts and doctors use to preserve the egg for future pregnancy. This is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. Women can produce limited eggs in their life-cycle. With age, the ability to produce these eggs deteriorates, and thus they women after a definite age cannot get pregnant. 

In this process, firstly, the eggs are harvested from the ovaries and instantly frozen without freezing to be used later. When a woman is ready to get pregnant, the egg is combined with sperm in the lab and implanted in the uterus. This is known as in vitro fertilization. In this article, you will learn about how the freezing of eggs is done.

What is the Importance of Egg Freezing?

The sole objective of egg freezing is to provide women with an opportunity to become a mother later if they are not ready now. Some women, due to their personal or career reasons, plan to have a baby later. This procedure helps them to become a mother even at a later stage. Egg freezing does not require any sperm as they are different from the fertilized egg freezing. Doctors prescribe for egg freezing under certain circumstances. In this below section, some of them are mentioned:

  • If an individual needs to treat cancer or any other illness, they can opt for this process. Treatments of cancer enable women to become pregnant due to specific medication, laser-ray treatment, and chemotherapy. With the help of egg freezing, the individual can have their biological child even after the treatment of cancer or such illness. 
  • Due to ethical or religious reasons, women prefer to have egg freezing and not embryo freezing when undergoing in vitro fertilization. A specific section of people like egg freezing, as embryo freezing is taboo to society. 
  • Sometimes some conditions affect the fertility of women. Thus, they can opt for this process and preserve their eggs for future use. Illness such as autoimmune diseases that includes lupus and gender diversity affects fertility. In the case of being transgender, individuals can save their eggs to have their biological baby alter. 

These are some of the facts about egg freezing that you must know. Nowadays, medical science is so advanced that it can do unimaginable things. 

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