FAQs on Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Becoming a parent is an exhilarating feeling. Sometimes, due to a string of reasons, it may not be possible though. There are many couples who go through dejection in conceiving. Medical science has progressed massively and there are many techniques to fight against this problem. Intrauterine insemination is one of them. It is a process by which washed sperm is planted into the uterus of a woman. This will cause fertility. If you are going to undergo the process, you might be having a lot of questions. The answers of a few of them are given below.

What is Intrauterine Insemination? 

It is an artificial process of conception. Treated sperm are introduced into the uterus of a woman for fertilization.

How is the process done? 

A thin catheter is taken and inserted into the cervix of a woman. Washed sperm is then injected into it. It is generally painless and quick. You can bypass any barrier in the vagina or cervix which might have been responsible for causing infertility.

What is the process of the collection of sperm? 

The sperm must be fertile when collected. So, it has to be within 30 minutes of ejaculation. If you stay near the doctor’s clinic, you can collect the sperm and bring it in. Otherwise, there will be separate chambers in the clinic for the process. The collection will be done in sterile cups that are provided.

What does the washing of sperm mean? 

After the collection of sperm, it has to be treated a little before injection. Once it has liquefied, it is mixed with a washing medium. It is followed by centrifugation. This will separate the motile and non-motile sperm. Multiple centrifugation is also done sometimes. This process is called washing. The washed sperm is then loaded into a syringe. It is ready for insemination now.

At which part of the menstrual cycle should this process be done? 

Ideally speaking, it should be done within 6 hours before and after ovulation. The determination of the timing is mainly done by checking the LH surge which is generally considered as the ideal check for ovulation. The reason timing is crucial is because it is during this period that the cervix is most receptive to sperm as it opens up more.

What is the procedure? 

After the washed sperm is prepared, the woman is asked to lie down after removing the clothes from the waist down. The catheter is then inserted and the sperm injected

Is the process painful? 

Generally, the woman might feel a little discomfort and uneasy. However, it is short-lived. Some may have slight cramps. That is related to ovulation though.

Does the sperm fall out while standing? 

No it doesn’t. When you stand up, you may get the feeling. However, it is just the cervical mucus that is dislodged that may cause this feeling.

How many follicles are recommended? 

Atleast 2-3  follicles are recommended for a good chance of successful fertilization. Intrauterine insemination  has been catching the wind in recent times. You can definitely opt for it if there are any issues with pregnancy for you and your partner.

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