Five male infertility causes you need to know

Infertility, both for males and females, can cause difficulties in pregnancies. However, the female aspect of it is highlighted more. This is not true that Male infertility is a major cause of pregnancy failure, amounting to almost 30%. This number is pretty significant and similar to female infertility. It just stresses the fact that male infertility should be treated as soon as it is identified. Prior to treatment, there should be an identification of causes. Once that is done, therapy can be directed well. The five most common causes of male infertility are

Low sperm quantity 

 This is called as ‘sperm count’ more popularly. It denotes the number of sperm per milliliter of it. If it is less than 15 million per millimeter, it means you are in the danger zone. It can have a negative impact on the fertility of a man. Lesser sperm means the lesser probability of the egg getting fertilized by it. It is always a good idea to get a test done for sperm quantity to determine if it is the main cause of infertility.

Depleted quality of sperm

 Other than the quantity, the quality of the sperm also matters. When talking of quality, the most important aspect here is the mobility of the sperm. If mobility is reduced, there will be difficulty in the movement of the sperm towards the egg. Thus, fertilization will not take place. Another associated problem is the shape of the sperm. The distorted shape also affects the penetration ability. This can lead to unsuccessful fertilization.

 Damage to the testicles 

Sperm are made in the testes of the male. Any damage to the testes will manifest as sperm damage. This will lead to infertility. There are many ways of testicular damage. Sitting for too long is one cause. Wearing underwear that is excessively tight is another. Both of these scenarios cause heat generation. That is followed by sperm damage. Physical damage like trauma or an accident can also cause it. Therefore, protecting your vital part, that is, the testis is important to avert infertility in males.

Disorders in ejaculation 

The ejaculation disorders hamper your sex drive and cause infertility as well. If you have conditions like premature ejaculation or ejaculation back into the bladder, it is a problem. Ejaculation failure is another big problem. All of its compound to cause infertility in males.

Choice of lifestyle 

Last but not least, infertility can be caused by the kind of lifestyle that a man leads. If he is drinking excessive alcohol or not eating healthy food, infertility might occur. Taking drugs and being under excessive stress are two other major causes. Having multiple sexual partners can also cause sexually transmitted diseases and low fertility. The right choices should be made to fight with his problem.

Like mentioned before, male infertility is a major cause of concern. It should be given as much importance as female infertility. There are multiple treatment options available these days. Get the sperm quantity and quality tested and consult a doctor for the same. Protect your testes from damage. Improve your lifestyle. Take medications under prescription. Take all the necessary steps to combat male infertility.

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