How Stress Affects Your Egg Quality and Infertility

There is no denying the fact that the kind of lifestyle that is led these days is full of stress and tension. It has several adverse effects with quite a few negative implications. Stress can destroy the physical health of a person. This highlights the importance of maintaining mental health for better overall health.

How Stress Affects Your Egg Quality and InfertilityThe female reproductive system mainly consists of the eggs that are released by the ovaries and the fallopian tube and cervix that holds it and a uterus that nurtures it. It is one of the most vulnerable to stress and its bad effects. It can lead to infertility and major problems related to pregnancy as well. Here is a brief overlook of how stress can have a detrimental effect on the female reproductive system as a whole.

How Does Stress Play A Vital Role?

 Wherever you go through a lot of stress, the body recognizes the situation in no time and starts activating a defense mechanism against it. This is majorly manifested as an increase in the levels of certain hormones like cortisol. This elevated production can become a major cause of infertility in a woman. Cortisol even can disfigure the relay of information from the brain and ovaries. Thus, the whole process of ovulation goes for a toss. Hence, there is a reduced quantity of eggs that are released and the quality of it is also enough to cause any kind of pregnancy.

Moreover, during the time of stress, it becomes difficult to get aroused or have any feeling as such. Since the physical intimacy becomes lesser, there are lesser chances of getting pregnant as well. Stress can have an impact on the cognitive behavior of a person as well. Studies have suggested that women with problems related to it have more chances of becoming infertile in the long run.

How to Deal With Stress?

 As it has been mentioned above, stress seems to have only harmful effects on the body. Therefore, it is important to look for ways to avert it as much as possible. The effects of it may not be immediate but if it becomes a chronic scenario, that is where the real problem starts. Practicing mindfulness and meditation is one way of alleviating stress. Getting involved in things that interest you can also be vital here.


 Decreased fertility and a compromise on the egg quality are seen in women due to stress. Therefore, it is important to assess the situations that cause stress and try to eliminate them as much as possible for the best results.

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