How to Use Laparoscopy For Infertility

Conservative treatment is the order of the day. Laparoscopy is a necessary type of it as it helps to reach the cavities of the body by making minimal incisions. It is all the more applicable for the surgeries done in the abdominal area and the thorax. As laparoscopy is increasing in popularity, its application is also improving. Its utility for the treatment of infertility is the best example of it.

The application of laparoscopy in infertility treatment can be as follows-

• Adhesiolysis
The uterus is a sensitive area that leaves behind scars quickly. This interferes with the conceiving capabilities of the woman as well. To avoid scar tissues both on the inside and outside of the uterus, the surgery method is laparoscopy, sometimes known as hysterectomy. There is minimal chance of adhesions, and this affects improving the fertility of a person.

● Treatment for endometriosis
Another common problem encountered in women that can cause infertility is endometriosis. It is accompanied by painful menstrual cycles and periods with heavy bleeding. It can also lead to blood cysts in the ovary. It can lead to infertility as well. The situation of excessive scar formation and bleeding is not conducive for the sperm and the egg to fertilize. There is a direct effect in the ovaries as well. In this situation, the laparoscopic technique reduces uterus scarring by performing cauterization and surgical removal of excessive tissues. Thus, it helps to solve the problems related to infertility.

● Cysts in the ovaries
An essential reproductive apparatus in females are the ovaries. However, cyst formation is commonly seen in it. This can provide pressure on the tubes mechanically and cause damages to the ovaries. The doctor generally suggests draining of the cysts or surgical removal of them. Laparoscopic procedures are preferred here as it reduces The amount of pain and the incision size. The cystectomy procedure is performed routinely for good results.

● Removal of fibroid tissues
The formation of fibroid tissues in the uterus is quite common. This can put pressure on the uterus. Thus, it does not remain favorable to receive the embryo, causing infertility. Laparoscopy removes the fibroid tissue. It avoids heavy and painful periods and increases the chance of fertilization.

If a woman is looking to conceive and has either of the four problems mentioned above, laparoscopic surgery can better deal with them.

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