Important Facts To Know About How Thyroid Issues Can Impact Fertility

The thyroid is a gland just like the other glands in your body. This gland creates and reduces substances that help your body to perform a specific task. It’s a butterfly-shaped gland and it is the endocrine gland in your neck. Two hormones are secreted into the blood. It is located in the neck and above the collarbone. The hormones manage the rate of many activities in the body including how fast the calories would be burnt and how fast your heart beats. One upon reading this blog will get to know about the impact of this gland on fertility.

What is the impact of thyroid on fertility

Even if there are no symptoms of thyroid in your body then also you may be prescribed medication. The thyroid gland is an important gland that provides signals to the body in producing thyroid-stimulating hormones. Thyroid-stimulating hormone is suppressed when the thyroid production is high whereas if the production is low then the thyroid-stimulating hormone is increased so that it can boost the production. Hyper and hypothyroidism link with infertility and are listed below under symptoms.

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism are weight loss, sleeplessness, irregular cycles, excessive sweating, and gain in weight.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism are mild constipation, loss of hair and dry skin, irregular cycles, and tiredness as well as general fatigue.

During the pregnancy, the thyroid undergoes changes; it also plays a significant role at the time of pregnancy as well as the brain development of the fetus. Women who have normal thyroid function face no problem however if the woman is diagnosed with hypothyroidism then it is necessary to need thyroid hormones for the supplementation. Hence women who have hypothyroidism can experience premature delivery and fetal growth issues. This problem can be solved by proper medication and can be adjusted at the time of pregnancy.


To avoid thyroid impact on fertility you need to know about the symptoms. If you are aware of the symptoms of thyroid then you can opt for diagnosis even if it is a minor symptom. A well-documented treatment can improve infertility outcomes and it is recommended to consult a doctor if you observe any symptoms as this would prevent you from infertility. You can go for thyroid replacement medication or antithyroid medication if you are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

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