Infertility No Longer a Bane

Infertility has always been a matter of concern in the modern era. Modern lifestyle such as lack of physical exercise, irregular sleep-wake cycle, unhealthy food habits adds fuel to infertility processes. Delay in pregnancy is also a reason for this. Often either the male or the female partners are responsible for it, 95% of infertility arises due to a poor health condition such as hormonal imbalance and the remaining 5% of the fact are unknown.

What can be the reason in females?

Hormonal imbalance is also an underlying cause for Infertility. A balance of hormones such as FSH (regulates the menstrual cycle and egg production), Progesterone(pregnancy hormone),  LH(stimulate ovaries to release an egg)involved in regulating the reproductive organs which aid fertility but results in Infertility if the balance is disturbed.

A healthy lifestyle can help to combat infertility and boost fertility. Healthy eating and regular exercise will play a major role in this. Foods that are to be avoided are sugar, soda, coffee, soya, vegetable oil, white flour, Trans-fat, sugar, low-fat dairy products and junk and processed food. Switching to food high in omega 3, protein, green and leafy vegetables, mangoes, avocados, tomatoes, whole grains, all can be beneficial and aid good results. Apart from this female fertility health supplements can also be of great help in balancing the hormone level.

What can be reason in males?

The central cause of male infertility arises due to the vitality of the sperm. These foods will also help males to hike sperm vitality, mobility and also to increase the sperm count. Healthy sperms counteract against the anti-sperm antibodies present in the female reproductive tract which was responsible for infertility.

How stress is an underlying factor?

Stress also plays a major role in balancing the body and pregnancy. Doses of vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, vitamin –B, all can help to reduce stress. Yoga, Meditation and learning behavioral techniques to overcome negative thoughts are also an option adopted by people around the world to relieve stress and induce happy hormones. Fertility can be boosted up with healthy eating habits, nutritional supplements, and balanced hormones.

Several recent studies have found a close link between women’s day to day stress and their lower chances of pregnancy. Alice Domar, Ph.D. Infertility researcher says that our body is smart enough and it is able to identify that stress period is not the right time to have babies. It is studied that stressed women have sex less often and stress leads them to intake the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and smoke which further worsens the situation of infertility. Hence stress management also plays a key role in fertility.


Having a healthy mind is as important as having a healthy body; both together bring a healthier you. Fertility clinic which is set up in India helps people overcome infertility and induce Fertility using different techniques like IVF, IUI or Artificially insemination which has proven to be a boon for infertile couples. Infertility no longer remains uncured; it too can be cured completely. Just the right path has to be chosen to combat infertility, starting from personal transformation.

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