IVF Success Story of a Patient From Delhi (Rana Fertility Centre)

Embracing motherhood is a blessing which every woman wishes to experience. I got married in 2013 and conceived in the third month. The pregnancy was a surprise for both of us as it was too early to plan a family. Still, we accepted it happily and started building our world of dreams. Just after two months of the pregnancy, I had miscarriage and I was shattered completely. All I wanted was to try once again as soon as I can. Luckily, I again conceived after 6 months in 2014. But, this happiness also didn’t remain for long and I again suffered a miscarriage. This time, I decided not to rush for another chance but to understand the problem with my body. I met various doctors who examined me and conducted several tests. Every doctor had a different opinion and it resulted in adding more and more confusion and disappointment among me and my husband. We stopped every treatment and decided to start planning again.

After trying for a year, there were no visible results that I could conceive naturally. One day, one of my husband’s friends visited our home and my husband discussed with him our case. He told us about Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur from Rana Fertility Center as he himself had got his wife treated from there. Today, they have a beautiful two years old daughter through IVF technique.

After talking to him, we felt bit encouraged and decided to meet the doctor once. I mailed my case details and reports to the clinic. To my surprise, the response from the Rana Fertility Center was very quick and they responded to my queries very patiently. We fixed an appointment with the doctor and met her personally. The doctor was really humble. She listened to me very patiently and analysed my case history in detail. She told me that the eggs produced by my body we’re not of the desired quality and therefore I was not able to conceive naturally. Dr. Vijaydeep explained us about the IVF technique in detail and left the decision on us. After returning home we decided to give a try to the treatment. We again met the doctor and cleared all doubts regarding the procedure. Everytime, the doctor as well as her staff, we’re very supportive and handled our queries very well. Now, we we’re very sure and I was eager to go ahead with IVF procedure.

Before moving towards the final day, I was prescribed some medicines, which I was required to take till the day the procedure was to be performed. Finally, the day came and I and my husband were there at the doctor’s place to get it done. I was quite nervous but the staff present in the room calmed me down and ensured me that everything will be fine. Trust me the procedure was very smooth and painless. I didn’t even realize when it was done. The doctor told me that I can continue my normal routine without any tension and worry. The next thing was to wait for the next 2 weeks so that the implanted embryos can get attached. During this period, the doctor and the concerned staff were in regular contact with me. Keeping our fingers crossed, we went to clinic after 6 weeks. Tears rolled down my eyes when the doctor told us that the result of the pregnancy test is positive. Today, I am 7 months pregnant and everything is going perfectly well. Dr. Vijaydeep Kaur from Rana Fertility Center has made my dream to embrace motherhood a reality. Hoping for the best, I am eagerly waiting to hold my little bundle of joy in my arms.

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