Know About Repeated IVF Failure & How Can You Prevent it

IVF is In Vitro fertilization and it is a process where the egg is combined with the sperm in vitro. In Vitro fertilization is one of the most popular types of assisted reproductive technology. In this process, the sperm is placed in the uterus to help people in becoming pregnant. IVF is becoming popular among couples who cannot conceive a baby naturally because of its effectiveness to help people become pregnant. The success rate of IVF is satisfactory as many couples become pregnant and conceive a baby.

What is repeated IVF failure

Repeated IVF failure is when the embryo of proper quality fails to implant several in-vitro fertilization treatment cycles. The maternal factors or the embryonic causes can be the reason for this implantation failure. When the women experience 3 failed in vitro fertilization with good quality eggs it is known as recurrent implantation failure. The couple fails to achieve clinical pregnancy even after transferring at least three good quality embryo leading the couple to fail repeatedly.

What are the common causes of repeated IVF failure

Causes of repeated IVF failure are a uterine abnormality, poor embryo quality, and poor endometrium.

What can be the solution to repeat IVF failure

When you are not successful with the first IVF cycle then the unfortunate news of the failed IVF might lower your confidence. But you should be strong enough and not lose hope. IVF is not the only treatment to conceive a baby there are also other solutions that you can consider for the fertility process.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a popular treatment that gives success after a basic IVF failure procedure. Your specialist might recommend this treatment after the first IVF failure. This procedure involves a single sperm of good quality under high definition microscope. Then it is injected into the egg so that it will be in the form of high quality embryo that results in the improvement of IVF success rate.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis or PGD  is another test on the embryo that involves screening the embryo in an IVF process. The screening test helps in figuring out any genetic disorder that the parents may have. The treatment is recommended by the specialist where several tests are carried out on the embryos before it is transferred to the uterus for a successful pregnancy.

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