Support Your Spouse During the Treatment of Infertility (IVF)

As per studies conducted over the years, women tend to express their grief openly whereas men often keep things hidden. According to studies conducted on more than 500 couples, men prefer to keep their sadness suppressed. A couple’s inability to conceive can be easily treated. The most difficult part is dealing with the mental trauma that couples go through. Couples are advised to consult a doctor if they find symptoms of infertility.

There are several methods to determine whether a person is infertile. The first step is to consult a doctor. Doctors try to understand the couple’s sexual habits and other physical conditions. Sometimes, proper suggestions and advice improve chances of conceiving. Medical tests for infertility are expensive and may include some uncomfortable methods. Often health insurance policies do not cover for infertility treatment. Although, there is no assurance of getting pregnant after all testing and treatment; sometimes it is hard to make out the cause of infertility.

The mental trauma that both partners go through is terrible. Infertility treatment is a long process withstanding the pain and anxiety is tough. Several heavy drugs are administered to raise hormone levels. Normalizing the levels of the hormone often get the job done. The desire to conceive takes a toll on both the body and mind of partners. So under such circumstances, choosing the right treatment is essential. Both must be able to communicate with one another freely.

Things to do to improve both mental and physical health

Communication and an understanding between partners

The key to survive the stress during IVF treatment is to exchange thoughts. Women need to be free to talk about their complications and share their emotions with their partners. Always talk about practical things and stay positive. Such discussions will help get through the situation; staying in “touch” has been vital, be it hugging, holding hands or giving a massage to make her feel connected. Men must ensure that their spouses do not feel unattended.

Research about possible treatments & check for the best place of treatment

Getting an infertility treatment is one of the biggest decisions of one’s life. Always do a good amount of research and consult doctors before reaching any conclusion. Study about the different options available. Read about the treatment and the procedure. Always involve your spouse and discuss everything with her. Such discussions will help you both to take up IVF treatment with confidence. If possible, try to consult with someone who has already gone through IVF treatment. It will help gaining confidence.

Avoid any kind of Distraction during this period

Thinking of IVF Treatment over a while can be disturbing. Both partners will be stressed and may be unable to focus on the actual treatment. Do something that will keep both of you relaxed. Involve in activities that you and your better half enjoy. This will help to forget the worries.

There are only a handful of things to be done to make it easy. Always support your partner to keep her motivated. Be realistic and constantly encourage her. Always stand by each other and keep your “dreams “living.

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