Tips for Successful Pregnancy with IUI

There are millions of couples all around the world who dream about having a child. This is because they have some genetics issues and infertility that forbids them from doing so. With advanced medical science and pieces of equipment, it is possible. IUI is one such innovation in medical science.

Tips for Successful Pregnancy with IUIIUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. This entire process is very intricate, and you need to appoint a specialist to obtain optimum results. But there are a few things you need to remember when you are undergoing this process. In this article, you will know about the tips for a successful pregnancy with IUI. 

How IUI works?

Before knowing about the different tips, you must pay attention to how it works. In this process, the male sperm is infused in the uterus of their partner by artificial means. Due to some deficiencies, the male sperm cannot move to the fallopian tube for fertilization. The object of this procedure is to transfer the sperm in the woman artificially. 

First of all, the ovulation period is calculated. When the woman is ovulating, the male sperm is separated from the seminal fluid and inserted in the woman with the help of a catheter. This is how IUI works.

Now let’s see a few tips for successful results. 

Have a Proper Research- If you choose IUI only because of infertility, it is wise to opt for IVF. IVF is more effective in this purpose. Generally, when women are in their 40’s, IVF is rendered as the best solution than IUI. There are several differences between the IUI and the IVF. IUI is mainly for male partners. As their sperms are unable to swim to the eggs, the process is done artificially. Age also matters for a pregnancy. Therefore appoint a general physician before taking any step. 

Healthy Eating Habits- For successful IUI, you need to follow a strict as well as a healthy diet. Healthy foods help to increase the rate of sperms and their quality. Try to add protein in your diet and decrease the carbs. Doctors say healthy food plays a crucial role in conception. For both the partner, healthy food is essential. You must take up a healthy eating habit before planning for a baby. 

Quit Smoking- Smoking is not only injurious to health, it affects sperm quality. Smoking contains nicotine that degrades the quality and also the quantity of the sperms. Weak sperms are sometimes the main and sole reason for pregnancy failure. As a father-to-be, you must quit smoking before a year from the date of planning to take a child. 

Exercising- After performing the IUI, you must take-up quality exercise daily. But remember that you should not perform rigorous exercises as they may affect the embryo inside the womb. Do not sit for long; instead, have a walk for 10 minutes before settling down again. 

These are some useful tips that you must follow for a successful pregnancy after IUI. Keep in mind to appoint a fertility expert in the first place to get IUI treatment in Ludhiana and understand all the details of pregnancy. Correct information helps in optimum results. 


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