What Should Women Do To Improve Egg Quality?

In women, healthy eggs indicate a regular menstrual cycle and is also fundamental for fertility and the ability to become pregnant. The following section of this article lists factors that affect egg quality and health. Moreover, specific changes in lifestyle help improve egg quality. It is crucial to increase the chance of getting pregnant. Some of the factors for improving egg quality are listed below, check it out!

Managing stress

Stress has multiple negative impacts on the body. Moreover, it can deteriorate the fertility of eggs significantly. Stress releases hormones like prolactin, cortisol, and many others. It also prevents the body from regular ovulation.

Eating healthy diet

A healthy diet is crucial for overall health. Moreover, It also helps in improving the quality of eggs. A well balanced diet also improves fertility in women. A balanced diet comprises whole grains, leafy greens, lean meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Women who smoke reache their menopause earlier. It also makes a significant impact on the reproductive system. So it is recommended to stick with a well balanced diet to get the desired result.

Taking supplements

Antioxidant supplements helps in improving fertility and protects the eggs from radical damage. At times, Women also fail to carry out a healthy pregnancy. Consumption of vitamins like melatonin, Coenzyme Q10, and fish oil enhances fertility. Apart from it, Supplements help produce high-quality eggs and keep the reproductive system healthy.

Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture treatment helps in increasing the chances of pregnancy. It increases pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF or trying to conceive on the eggs. Moreover, acupuncture treatment involves thin needles that are placed on specific areas of the body. Fertility doctors recommend acupuncture to help reduce stress levels on the body. Besides, it also increases the production of fertility hormones.

How can PCOS affect women’s fertility?

PCOS is a hormone-related condition that affects women. It prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs after a menstrual cycle. Also, it affects the reproductive organ and ovaries in a woman. Above all, it is resulting in low production of hormones like progesterone and estrogen. These hormones also regulate the menstrual cycle.

Hormonal imbalance prevents the proper implantation of a mature egg. Besides, the menstrual cycle and ovulation also become irregular. Moreover, unpredictable menstrual cycles cause difficulty in getting pregnant. PCOS causes infertility in women. Women having difficulty in getting pregnant can try different fertility treatments. Above all, certain lifestyle practices and medication are highly effective in improving fertility.

Women often ask for natural remedies to improve egg quality. Improving fertility is crucial for increasing the chances of pregnancy. Besides, women must be cautious about their health while trying to conceive. Similarly, blood flow is another essential factor that reduces fertility. Yoga is the most effective and healthy way to improve blood flow. It not only helps in relaxing the body but also increases fertility.


With time the natural fertility of the body decreases. Women keen on delaying motherhood can opt for freezing their eggs. Also, it stops the biological clock of the body irrespective of time. Eggs are cryopreserved for the future. It increases the chance of getting pregnant at a later stage in life.

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