What you Need to Know about Natural and Conventional IVF

As fertility medicine evolves, IVF treatment protocols have also evolved to meet the needs of the ever-changing medical needs.  Natural IVF is one of the newest methods that provide women with a holistic way of getting pregnant. It also provides higher success rates. Based on the advantages and the disadvantages of both natural and conventional IVF, a suitable treatment can be used.

Natural Cycle IVF

In the Natural Cycle IVF, the egg that a woman produces during her menstrual cycle is harvested without the use of any fertility medication. There is also no push for the production of multiple eggs. The cycle progresses normally producing one egg of high quality.  The woman is also monitored closely using ultrasound and blood work. These tests are mainly helpful in understanding the process and tell the fertility care team about the status of the egg and if it ready to be harvested and fertilized.

Pros and Cons of Natural IVF

Some of the advantages of natural cycle IVF are

  • The IVF Cycle becomes more comfortable.
  • A fresh embryo can be transferred.
  • IVF treatment is provided with a holistic option.
  • Inexpensive

Disadvantages of the Natural IVF process are

  • Because the process does not have the action of drugs, it can cause anomalies and premature ovulation.
  • Eggs may not be properly developed.
  • As less number of eggs is retrieved so there is no option for embryo freezing.
  • Lower live birth rates.

Conventional IVF

The conventional IVF treatment basically focuses on the production of a number of eggs. This way the more number of Eggs are retrieved for to ensure a successful treatment.  A Large dosage of fertility medicines is usually given to support the production of several eggs in a cycle. Some of the eggs that are produced might not be suitable for embryo production. But the additional embryos also make it possible to have several IVF cycles without having to retrieve every time.

Pros and Cons of Conventional IVF

Some of the advantages of Conventional IVF are

  • They have a higher rate of success and have been in use for a longer time.
  • They help in diagnosing fertilization problems.
  • Helpful in screening inherited diseases.
  • Possible to store embryos to be used in the future.

Some of the disadvantages of Conventional IVF are

  • OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) could occur.
  • Multiple Births could occur.
  • It is expensive.

The advantages and disadvantages, as well as the medical conditions, should be considered before making the final decision.

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