Why Does Fertility Decline With Advanced Maternal Age

Advanced maternal age is the age when you are older than 35 years and looking to get pregnant. The reproductive age of a woman begins at 12-13 age and terminates at menopause. However, there is no proper explanation about advanced maternal or reproductive age in women. With the advancement in age, especially women after their mid-thirties face deterioration within the quality of eggs. Women face many problems after their mid-thirties like conception, miscarriages, and pregnancy-related issues.

Why does fertility decline with advanced maternal age

Now that you have known about what is advanced maternal age it’s time to find certain reasons for infertility related to advanced maternal age.

Age has an impact

A female is born with all eggs she is going to have and the number of eggs declines with age in the woman’s ovary. The ovarian reserves start declining and this reduces the possibility of conception. With the advancement in age, the eggs have the possibility of chromosomal damage which impacts the chance of fertilization or conception resulting in infertility.

Reproductive abnormalities

Advancing age women are more probable to have gynaecological problems such as damage to fallopian tubes as well as endometrial polyps.

What is the possible risk due to advanced maternal age?

There are several risks related to advanced maternal age and you should learn about the risk and take proper precautions to overcome this risk.

Repeated failure to become pregnant

  • High possibility of multiple pregnancies
  • Risk related to chromosome irregularities
  • Possibility of developing hypertension
  • Possibility of early delivery of the child

How can you enhance the probability of pregnancy with advancing maternal age?

Check out the precautionary measures you should follow while considering pregnancy in advancing maternal age

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Avoid drugs like alcohol and tobacco
  • Consult with your doctor before consuming any medicine


The article has helped you to understand the meaning of advanced maternal age and how you can take precautionary measures at the time of considering pregnancy. With advancing age, it becomes difficult to conceive a baby but technology has brought many techniques that increase the success rate of getting pregnant even at a complicated age.

One of the most popular technology is assisted reproductive techniques. Proper implantation is extremely important for conception and the assisted reproductive techniques involved assisted implantation with the help of laser hatching which increases the success rate of pregnancy at advancing maternal age.


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