Why is Infertility a major global issue?

Human biology says that two adults of the opposite gender can reproduce. Pregnancy is a self-gift which every couple dreams of and that can be a planned one or sometimes an unplanned one. But the issue arises when getting pregnant becomes tough and the most relevant case in a maximum of the cases is infertility.

Infertility is a global problem now as the count increases every day as more and more couple falls prey to this issue. Both men and women are experiencing this problem nowadays. In the case of men, the causes of infertility are low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, some underlying disease or a stressful life. Stress is equally applicable in the case of women and what adds on to their list of reasons for infertility are blocked fallopian tube, age, uterine disorders, and poor diet.

A Major Global IssueWhat is the solution?

Luckily we are gifted with the knowledge of science which keeps on finding solutions for every problem. No more a curse, infertility is just a medical condition now and can be cured under proper medical guidance. IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is the best solution to this problem and that is what most couples are opting for nowadays. Apart from IVF, certain medications, fertility drugs, surgery, IUI (Intrauterine insemination) may be probably treatments of infertility under proper medical supervision.

How can you self-care for the condition?

Nowadays every individual in leading a busy and imperfect life where time is short and stress levels are high. Individuals can indulge in meditation or listen to stress-free music and invest time in relaxing to solve the issue. This fast life also finds a way for obesity, which needs to be checked by inculcating proper nutritional diet and regular exercises. Alcohol and smoking are the most preferred escapes for the modern workaholics which needs to be checked at the earliest and must be stopped as soon as possible.

People have forgotten to have their self-time being busy in making money and keeping pace with the generation. Self-love and self-care is a must and every individual should practice to escape from the clutches of infertility and also to lead a healthy life. Lastly, what affects the most is the fear to perform.

This can only be overcome by a collaborative effort from the couples where understanding and mutual help serve the best. Couples should encourage and boost up each other in case such issues arrive so that they are mentally strong which helps enormously to recover from such states.

If you are too suffering from something similar, do not lose hope or fear. Start the good practices of healthy lifestyle immediately and get medical help under proper supervision. A happy family life waits for you.

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